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Rotary & Retracting Microtome

Manual (Spencer Type) Manufacturer India

MEDIMEAS Rotary Retracting Microtome engineered
to give you
Simple to Operate, Reliable, Precise
instrument for Day-in / Day out productivity.

Rotary & Retracting Microtome
Rotary Microtome Supplier India Retracting Microtome Exporter India Retracting Microtome

MRM-1120 Microtome

MRM-1120 A Microtome

MRM-1130 Microtome

Specially designed for precise sectioning of tissue up to 1 micron thickness, it has a front located feed indicator with CAM DRIVE SYSTEM for accurate feed settings from 1-50 microns in steps of 1 micron each. The microtome razor is fabricated from imported fine grain steel alloy tested for micro structures and the razor is heat treated to maintain optimum strength and sharpness.

Similar to model MRM-1120, but incorporates much advanced technology and use of selected alloys for manufacture of individual components as per international standards. All its precision components, moving parts adjustment, centering screws and also the complete razor holder assembly etc are fabricated from specific steel alloys to ensure perfect functioning and long life of the equipment

Originally designed for Cryostat the retracting microtome has rapidly been applied to more general purpose. Its smooth balanced driving mechanism enables 1 micron sections to be cut with ease, and the robust feed system will deliver virtually flat uniform sections consistently. The automatic advance action only occurs thus ensuring a clean cut is effected at the commencement of each cutting stroke.


Technical Specifications

Microtome At A Glance
  • Conveniently Located Feed Indicator
  • Automatic Feed Release Mechanism
  • Convenient Specimen Holder
  • Safety Device
  • Smooth Drive Wheel with Locking
  • Vibration & Shake Proof Operation
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Reduced Hand Stress
  • Sturdy, Rigid Construction
  • Protective Cover for easy cleaning & lubrication
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