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MEDIMEAS Polarimeters are conveniently used for determination of rotation of all optically active substances in testing oils, medicines, suger and albumen in urine, food stuffs and products of brewery.


Wide Applications

Ease of Operation

Dual Scale

MEDIMEAS Polarimeters are conveniently used for the determination of the rotation of optically active substances in testing oils, medicines, sugar and albumen in urine, foodstuffs and products of brewery,recommended specially for Medical,Pharmaceutical,Daily Development, Chemical Laboratory examinations

It incorporates a precise glass circle, a scale plate with minutely finished rotating mechanism and tropic proof highly sensitive optical systems, the test result can be read precisely and directly without the aid of a vernier. Rigid attachment of the illumination lamp to the instrument reduces wearisome adjustment to a minimum

Its highly accurate glass scale is divided to read angular degrees and also carries sugar scale in I.S.S. Units. The angular scale from 0 to 360 degrees is sub-divided to 1 degree to enable direct reading to 0.5 degree and by estimation 0.02 degree. The sugar scale from 30° to 120° I.S.S. Units enables directs reading to 0.1 and by estimating of 0.05 sugar degree

Polarimeter (MP-01) Supplier Exporter India


Polarimeter (MP-02) Manufacturer Exporter India


Specification for MP-01 Polarimeter and MP-02 PolarimeterFrom Medimeas India
Key Features

  • Applications
  • Enclosed Dual Scale
  • Micrometer Drum
  • Sodium Light Source
  • Intensity Control
  • Light Weight

  • Beverages
  • Chemical Industry
  • Cosmetics
  • Personal Care
  • Education & Research
  • Minerals, Mining
  • Raw Materials
  • Pharmacy
  • Bio Technology
  • Oil Industry

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