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Abbe Refractometers

Highly reliable Abbe Refractometer capable of measuring the refractive index of solid and liquid samples. MEDIMEAS Refractometers are ideally suited where a wide refractive index measurement range is required.


MEDIMEAS MAR-33 Abbe Refractometer

MEDIMEAS MAR-22 Abbe Refractometer

  • Built in light provides accurate analysis of industrial process controls
  • Easy to read index scale on translucent glass sharply visible through transmitted light
  • Quick and convenient determination of refractive index and dispersions till the estimated fourth decimal
  • Large dull knobs permits speedy convenient setting of the dividing line
  • Horizontal loading of prism housing prevents flowing down of test liquids
  • Thermometer has a range 0-60C and can be adjusted to convenient reading angle
  • Provides quick, convenient and accurate means of determination of refractive indices
  • Readings till the estimated fourth decimal and can measure dispersion of liquids and solids
  • Widely used for purity studies, quantitative analysis
  • Determination of soluble sugar and fats in sugar solutions, confectionery products, pharmaceuticals products, chemical & prepared slides, glass and synthetic crystals etc
Abbe Refractometer MAR-33 Manufacturer India


Abbe Refractometer MAR-22 Supplier India


Technical Specification for MAR-33 Refractometer and MAR-22 Refractometer from Medimeas India

Highly precision Abbe Refractometer Model MAR-33 is a handy measuring instrument for determination of refractive and dispersion properties of solid and light substances.


It is recommended for determination of

  • Mixing ratios where each component has different refractive indices;
  • Fat contents of solutions, determining concentration of liquids
  • Concentration of volatile substances
  • Testing the purity of petroleum and jelly products.

MEDIMEAS MHR-05 Hand Refractometer

MEDIMEAS Hand Refractometer also available in three ranges :

MHR - 05A


0 to 32%

MHR - 05B


28 to 62%

MHR - 05C


58 to 90%

All the above models have an accuracy of ±2 and are supplied with a screw driver for scale driver for scale adjustment in a carrying case.

Hand Refractometer Exporter Supplier India


Key Features
  • All metal construction
  • Rubber Hand grip for Insulation
  • Robust Ergonomics for easy handling
  • Anti Roll Supports
  • High Precision Clear Scale
  • Zero Adjustment with Lock
  • Ideal for Hot & Cold Samples
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