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A compact single work station that enables both specimen
and embedding. Ease of operation and high
standard of convenience characterizes the
MTC-TE & CP Paraffin Embedding and Cooling Station

MEDIMEAS TISSUE EMBEDDING & COOLING SYSTEM features ease of operation, spacious work surface and large container capacity. It has five independent microprocessor controlled heating zones; paraffin tank, dispenser, tissue preservation boxes, forceps holder and work platform. The unit incorporates paraffin dispenser, cooling plate, foot switch and heated forceps holder. The Tissue Embedding System and the Cooling Plate can be used separately or combined depending on user requirement. Each heating and cooling function is controlled by accurate digital thermostats heating up to +70°C, cooling down to -20°C with removable stainless steel basin to facilitate cleaning operations.

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Key Features Tissue Embedding MTC-TE

Key Features Cooling System MTC-CP

  • Five independent heating zones for better performance
  • Automatic system start and stop (7-day memory)
  • Electrically heated forceps holder on both sides
  • Set temperature memorization
  • Panel temp. display for all heated/cooled areas
  • Paraffin flow control via keypad and foot pedal
  • Bright illumination of the work area
  • Two Tissue Preservation Boxes
  • Setting Temp. range : 55-70C
  • Volume of the paraffin : 2.5 to 3 ltrs.
  • Volume of the preservation box : 22814850 mm2
  • Size of the embedding table : 17090mm
  • Size of the Cooling platform : 320300mm

  • Working Temperature Range: ambient to -20° C
  • Quick Specimen cooling
  • Chilling area for approximately 60 cassettes specimens
  • Digitally controlled thermostats
  • Environment friendly refrigerant
  • Nominal Voltage : AC 110V/220V @ 60Hz/50Hz
  • Dimension : 350 x 500 x 350 mm
  • Weight : 25Kgs.

Note: The system can be used separately as two different units or as a single work station.
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