2/5 slides capacity

One-click automatic scanning

High precision panoramic digital slides image

Great conformity with pathology system

Integrated Bar Code Reader


Slide Loading Capacity2/5 slides
Specification of Tissue Section 1x3 inch / 2x3 inch
Amount of Section1-2 slices
Scanning MannerLine scanning
Object LensOLYMPUS flat-field apochromatic objective 0.75 bore diameter
Movement ControlLining magnetic axis motor control
Precision of Positioning50nm
Multiplying times20/40
Resolution0.5 microns/pixel (20x) ; 0.25microns/pixel (40x)
Scanning Speed<40 secs (15x15mm) [including focusing time]
Multi-layer ScanYes
Depth Of Field ExtensionYes
Precise IdentifictionYes
Bar Code IdentificationYes
Image FormatJPEG / JPEG2000 / BMP / TIFF
Work StationCPU, Intel Core: I7, Hard Disk 1TB; Memory: 16GB; Monitor 24 inches

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