Digital Knife Sharpener

MKS-DS Medimeas Digital Knife Sharpener )Shandon Type) with a microprocessor controller is designed for more fast and fine sharpening of microtome knives. The knife is sharpened on a rotary glass plate with universal knife holder. The equipment makes use of dual centre less grinding technique for uniform grinding and the complete instrument is covered with plexiglass dust cover for safe, dustproof operations. The equipment has an electronic controller for speed control and a special timer to set the sharpening time.


SCM Program Control, easy operation

Multipurpose Knife Holder

Automatic Disc Levelling

Buffer Adjusting Mechanism for turning knife

Convenient loading and unloading for knife….

Low noise operation


Knife Length110-250mm
ThicknessLess than 13 mm
Grinding Angle22-45 deg (half angle 11-22.5 deg)
Timing Range1-60 mins
Knife Interval5,10,25s and unilateral
Dimensions586 x 555 x 426 mm

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